Stargazing onboard an ocean rowing boat

Stargazing onboard an ocean rowing boat on the Atlantic Ocean

Portimão marina & the Atlantic Ocean

Year round – weather permitting. Contact us with your preferred dates.

Experience life on board a Whaleboat O28 ocean rowing boat

Who for?
Everybody can join, even non-rowers. Crew of minimum 2, maximum 4 persons.

Who’s in charge?
Long time ocean rowing addict and boatbuilder Koen De Gezelle is the captain.

What to expect?
2 days, 1 night ocean rowing experience you’ll never forget

Day 1
Morning: Briefing and safety procedures
Simple lunch at the marina
Afternoon: Rowing technique, get to know the boat and food check
Evening: Take off from Portimão marina and dinner with freeze-dried meals on the boat
Night: Rowing on the Atlantic Ocean – stargazing

Day 2
Sunrise row and freeze-dried breakfast on the boat
Row back to the marina – debriefing and boat cleaning
Lunch at the marina
Afternoon: Relaxing at the beach