19 augustus 2017 – Hel van Vlaanderen – L’Enfer des Flandres

Oversteek van de Vlaamse kust – Traversée de la côte belge – Row along the entire Flemish coast (65 km)
19 – 20 augustus 2017


FULLY BOOKED!! Registrations are now closed.


Organisational details:
On Friday 18 August we ask participants to bring their boats to De Panne (Lazef club, Dynastielaan 20, 8660 De Panne), we will be there from 10 am to 4 pm. Boats are checked for safety: please bring:
1 lifevest per person, 30 m rope, flares, VHF radio or cell phone. Each boat should have at least 1 WORKING cell phone. We will provide emergency phone numbers.
After we check the boat, you will bring your trailer to De Haan. All safety materials can remain in De Panne.
At 6.30 pm everyone will gather in De Windhaan, in De Haan (Zeedijk 50, 8421 De Haan) for a welcome drink. At this time we will distribute the emergency phone numbers, and a small present. You spend the rest of the evening as you choose. We’re working on a list of accommodation suggestions in De Haan. First option is the campsite Ter Duinen in De Haan.
On Saturday morning we gather at De Windhaan at 6.20 am, for transfer to De Panne by coach. Breakfast details to be confirmed. Detailed briefing during the transfer, which will take about 50 mins. Upon arrival in De Panne everyone helps to bring the boats to the start on the beach (we’ll have a trailer and a jeep).
We need to be in the boats and ready to go by no later than 9 am.

What to bring for during the race:
food and beverages,
cox: bring warm clothes, preferably wetsuit

Arrival in De Haan will be roughly around 3pm, depending on the conditions.
In the evening we’ll have a dinner in De Windhaan (Zeedijk 50, 8421 De Haan), please register through the form.

Details for the second leg on Sunday to follow.

Download a printable flyer (PDF 5 MB) for this event by clicking on the images below (Dutch, French or English).

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L’activité se fait sous la responsabilité de chacun et à ses propres risques; les organisateurs ne peuvent être tenus pour responsables en cas d’accident. De même les organisateurs pourront annuler la rando si les conditions météos l’exigent.

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